Public Access

If you  wish to instruct me directly (without incurring the cost of a solicitor), please contact me by email ( or using this online enquiry form and I will come back to you (usually, within the day).

Why me?

I have advised on a variety of cases varying in complexity and value up to the High Court, see my profile.  I am also conscious and skilled in providing pragmatic and commercial advice – I was a city solicitor and have experience in business.

I am a member of a chambers, which provides excellent administrative support.  I will aim to give you foresight in terms of the way your issue is likely to progress; chances of success; and when you can expect me to come back to you – you can expect me to be working for you and with you.

I have received specialist training in order to receive instructions from members of the public as required by the code of conduct applying to barristers.

What are the advantages of public access?

Read my blog post on public access.

Can I assist with your type of case?

The easiest way to find this out is by completing my online enquiry form.  It is easy to complete.  If I am not suitable for your type of case, I will tell you.  It is my professional obligation to do so.

I usually assist in contentious matters.  That means disputes between parties (landlords against tenants, doctors against patients, cyclists against drivers) rather than non-contenious / transactional work (property purchases, business mergers).  However, barristers often do (including me) give advice on drafting contracts, via solicitors – that exercise is well informed by our general experience (better to avoid a dispute than fight one later).

To give you an idea of the kind of work I have done, see my profile, my blog and my articles (and the rest of this website).  Usually, a barrister with some breadth of experience (legal principles in area of the law often inform another) but not too thinly spread is best.  I have particular experience in commercial, trusts, family, PI and enforcement and with a growing interest in professional negligence, immigration and inquests.

Are there limitations on what I can do?

I can advise on strategy, chances of success, draft correspondence with the other side and court documentation including claim forms, defences, witness statements.   I can communicate with you by telephone, email, fax, face-to-face meetings or other media that might suit you, e.g. skype.

Typically, the above will empower you with the right knowledge (or me on your behalf) to settle with the other side before or after issuing proceedings on a favourable basis.  You will be surprised just how many disputes are settled in this way – it saves you and the other side a lot of legal costs, which will have gone towards paying solicitors or barristers over a long running dispute.

There is a limitation against barristers carrying out what is termed “litigation” work.  That means, we cannot formally file or serve documentation with the court or other side, i.e. any such documents, once drafted by me, will have to be posted to the court or other side by you.  In principle, you are meant to be in charge of sending and receiving documentation.

If you are not happy to look after the general management of documentation and you are able to pay for a solicitor, that could be a better option.  However, a lot of people are capable of doing this for themselves.

Sometimes, it becomes apparent that having a solicitor on board will further your best interests.  If this is so, I will advise to this end and I will be willing to recommend a solicitor.  There is no question of me receiving any referral fee from anybody – that is banned per barristers professional code of conduct.

Do you only work in London and Portsmouth?

In principle, I am more than happy to assist anybody anywhere – much of my work takes me from the west country to london, from oxfordshire to the isle of wight.  In terms of giving advisory work, geographic distance does not make any difference, i.e. I can provide advice in writing or via a skype call – I have done this with an individual living in Lancashire.  However, if you want to instruct me to attend a hearing, it may not make sense given my travel expenses.

How much do you charge?

I aim to provide a high qualify service at a reasonable fee.  Most beneficially, I am likely to give you a fixed price – you can then decide if that works for you.

Fixed prices are not always possible, e.g. on a long running court matter.  In such cases, an hourly rate must be agreed.  You should find that my rate is much lower than solicitors of comparable experience.  That is possible because of the unique way barristers work reducing overheads.

More information on public access

Contact my clerks or read the Bar Council website.

My profile on the Bar Council’s Directory of Public Access Barristers can be seen here.

*Complete the online enquiry form and see if I can help you.*

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