Free Template Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

Free Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

The best ASTs are fair and short.  My contribution to the freeware world of landlord documentation is here.

Peculiarities with the property, landlord, tenant or guarantor often need to be dealt with in individual tenancy agreements.

Landlords with a portfolio should look at developing their own “tailored” template AST to complement the way they work and their properties.  In this regard, a little bit of legal advice today can be worth a lot tomorrow.

User beware.  The writer does not accept any liability!

If any readers have questions on this post, they will be happily received @

Taj Uddin, MA Oxon
Barrister, Guildhall Chambers Portsmouth
Practising in London and the South (Salisbury to Brighton, Oxford to IoW)

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