How much is a ruined holiday and food poisoning worth?

Just settled a case where a father and two daughters received £3,600, £1,600 and £1,650 respectively after a ruined holiday in Egypt – in a case where there was no formal admission of fault.   For the children, this case involved 8 days sickness and a ruined holiday.

Even with the best of tour operators, the local hotel sometimes does not match the description of the catalogue:  swimming pools are often dirty and food prepared in poor conditions resulting in, e.g. severe diarrhea.

Note: it is simply not prudent to accept an offer from a 3rd party insurer without an independent legal assessment of the value of your case – this can cost as little as £150.

Taj Uddin, Barrister
Guildhall Chambers Portsmouth
Practising in London and the South (Salisbury to Brighton, Oxford to IoW)